Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year 2010

Wishes you a Happy & Prosperous New Year 2010

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The different types of guitars

There is no such thing as The Best Guitar Available. What may suite one person may not suite another.
It all depends on you. What type of guitar are you looking for and what features you need it?
Choosing the guitar is just like choosing your life partner, it is a very personal thing. you need to find a guitar that you feel comfortable and you like..

Now we will see the 4 main types of guitars.......


Going into a guitar shop or shopping online, you will find many different shapes, sizes and colors of electric guitars. However they all have 3 main features in common.
Steel Strings
Volume / Tone controls

One point to keep in mind is that electric guitars are made of 2 types of wood

Pure Solid Wood
Both woods affect the price, weight and the sound of the overall guitar.


They have 3 nylon strings and 3 steel strings, which are very gentle on your fingers.
They are also cheaper to purchase and require less maintenance.
The neck is a lot broader on Spanish Style Acoustics that a standard acoustic guitar and they don't usually come with pickups either.

Semi-Acoustic guitar or semi-hollow guitars the third type of guitar feature a block of wood known as a sustain block or sound block into which the pickups are mounted for increase sustain and elimination of feedback. This type of guitar usually costs a lot more in price and therefore s not recommended for a first guitar.

The last type of guitar is the Steel String Acoustic guitar.
This type of guitar varies in shapes and sizes, but it's very similar to nylon string acoustic.
The key different between the Steel String Acoustic and Spanish Classic Acoustic is that this type of guitar uses steel strings.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Learning Guitar Made Easy


It,s me again in my previous post i shared about how i started learning guitar. I am sure that many people in this world like to learn guitar to play like a professional, yes it's quite easy but at the same time it's all about how much effort you put on it to learn.

Here i am going to share my entire experience on How i learned to play guitar fast and easiest way, so guys don't miss the opportunity. In my next post i am going to tell you the basics to learn guitar, stay connected......

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Beginner Acoustic Guitar

Hello again,

In my perivous post i shared about my first acoustic guitar and now i would like to share about how i started learning to play guitar. Since it was my first attempt to learning guitar i spent lots and lots of time collecting lessons online, then with the help of the lesson's i started practising it slowly. It was very difficult for me to understand and it took very long time to hold the guitar in right posoition.
You know normally when some one wants to learn something initially the level of the interest will be very high, the same thing happend with me also. I sit everyday and practice a lot after few months i realised that i was still in the same level where i have started. Then my learning interest was coming down and finally it was stopped. At that time i did not understand where the problem was then i realised that the problem was that i was not doing the correct way how it suppose to.
Then i dicided to join a Music School, after joining a music school i stared learning fast and after practising a lot i was able to play few chords. Guys that's all for now and more to come....


Hello everyone,

My name is shafi and i was born and brought up from TamilNadu. I love to listen music, i feel great when i listen to guitar. Which made me to get in to learning of Guitar then what to do? then i went to internet and searched to buy a guitar and the answer was many but again the question is what type of guitar to buy?
I made couple of enquiries online and also through my friends, finally i got the right thing in my hand and i remember it was in the mid of year 2006. sorry sorry.. i did not mention what type of guitar right, ha ha ha ha ha... you guys already know it yes that's an acoustic guitar MY First Acoustic Guitar.
Ok Guys that's all what i can share it now, but more to come......